STEM Activities

Fresnel Media Sdn Bhd is a firm believer in STEM education in Malaysia and is one of the industry catalysts to promote the development and advancement of STEM for students. We are currently collaborating with the Ministry of Education as well as related agencies, NGO’s and organisations with hands-on and experiential learning technologies in line with IR 4.0.

Stay Tune and Check Our Latest STEM Activities

My VR STEM Carnival

Student will be trained by Google Street View experts and will be able to publish online their own schools on Google Maps Street View in 360 imagery.

My Drone STEM Carnival

Drone Building and Drone Piloting. The Ice- Cream Stick Drone workshop is a one day workshop for participants to learn how to build a drone. They will learn to put together the frame which is made of ice cream sticks to assembling all the components and test flying in the cage.

My Engineering STEM Carnival

These series of workshops are designed to enhance learning of the principals of engineering through hands-on projects. The aim to cultivate interest and understanding in engineering.

My BioScience STEM Carnival

Develop skills in observation and experimentation in BioSciences. The workshop will help participants identify areas of interest in BioScience and opportunities to further develop their competencies.

My Makerfest STEM Carnival

These workshops are designed to foster creativity trough simple crafts and design projects. Workshops range from paper crafts to robotic toys and musical instruments and from colorful kaleidoscopes to origami planes.

My Robotics STEM Carnival

Introduce basic programming as well as problem solving strategies. This course will involve students in the development, building and programming of robots with specify functions.

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