Multimedia Content Production

What we Do

3D Rendering Virtual Tour

Experience a realistic 360° 3D Rendering Virtual Tour for your business premises.


Bare Unit


Furnished Unit

Architecture Superimpose Videos

Details TBC

Gigapixel Imaging and Wallpaper Map

Display your development on the wall with our high resolution Gigapixel Wall map. Customise your image with project information, including roads accessibility, points of interests, labelling and distance with radius circles.

Time Lapse / Project Progress

This is a photographic technique of taking a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. Exellent for mood changing scenes from from day to night.

360 Videos and Live Streaming

Youtube & Facebook compatible 8K videos Streaming in 360° view.

Product Virtual Reality

Sequence of image combined for an interactive media which makes it possible for viewer to rotate and visualize product from different angle.

Royal Selangor, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products,

on behalf of DC Entertainment, presents a stellar collection spotlighting the Dark Knight and Gotham City’s greatest Super-Villains.

Malaysian artist Alan Quah and sculptor Mufizal Mokhtar were commissioned by Royal Selangor to bring the Batman mythos to life.

Augmented Reality

We produce Augmented Reality content for different platforms through digital interactive live view of a physical, Real-world environment whose elements are “superimposed” by computer-generated images thus providing a composite view.

Information Overlay System

Overlay Information system makes it possible for clients to manage content and information on our VR content. This allows for greater interactive experience for the user with added information, images, links and video at their fingertips.